Raphael M. S. Neto, Daniel Lucrédio, Adriano A. Bossonaro, João R. D. D. Cunha, Antonio F. Prado, Iolanda C. S. Catarino, Alexandre Marcilio de Souza


This paper presents an Component-Based Software Development Environment - CBDE that supports the construction and reuse of software components according to Catalysis. Its integrates a CASE tool, named to MVCase, and a RAD tool, named to C-CORE, to support the whole process of Component-Based Software Development (CBD). The CBD process, follows the spiral model of software development, including activities that start from communication with the customers to identify the requirements for construction and reuse of components, until the delivery and customers component assessment. This paper focuses on details related to the two phases of the CBD Construction process. The MVCase and C-CORE help the software engineer automating great part of the components construction and reuse tasks.


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