L. Q. Zhuang, J. B. Zhang, B. T. J. Ng, Y. Tang, Y. Z. Zhao


This paper presents a dynamic negotiation framework for real-time execution in self-organised manufacturing environments. The negotiation strategies in this framework bridge the gap between distributed negotiation of self-interested agents and cooperative negotiation among agent groups. In particular, the proposed framework is based on the model of Performance and Cost for Manufacturing Execution (PCME). By forming the dynamic organisation called agent consortium, individual agents negotiate over the PCME in order to optimise the resource allocation under time constraints and uncertainty of job execution, and resolve the conflicts to fulfil the goal of the overall system. The ultimate goal of the framework is to reduce the negotiation time, make effective use of resources, adapt to the changes in execution and increase the throughput of the entire system. Experimental work based on PCME has been carried out to demonstrate the high performance of this approach despite unanticipated and dynamic changes in the manufacturing execution environments.


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