Jianping Zeng, Donghui Guo


More and more application services are provided and distributed over the Internet for public access. However, the security of distributed application severs is becoming a serious problem due to many possible attacks, such as deny of service, illegal intrusion, etc. Because of weakness of the firewall systems in ensuring security, intrusion detection system (IDS) becomes popular. Now, many kinds of IDS systems are available for serving in the Internet distributed system, but these systems mainly concentrate on network-based and host-based detection. It is inconvenience to integrate these systems to distributed application servers for application-based intrusion detection. An agent-based IDS that can be smoothly integrated into applications of enterprise information systems is proposed in this paper. We will introduce its system architecture, agent structure, integration mechanism, and etc. In such an IDS system, there are three kinds of agents, i.e. client agent, server agent and communication agent. This paper is also to explain how to integrate agents with access control model for getting better security performance. By introducing standard protocol such as KQML, IDMEF into the design of agent, our agent-based IDS shows much more flexible for built in different kinds of software application system.


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