Mª Ángeles Moraga, Coral Calero, Mario Piattini, David Walker


Researchers require multiple computing resources when conducting their computational research; this makes necessary the use of distributed resources. In response to the need for dependable, consistent and pervasive access to distributed resources, the Grid came into existence. Grid portals subsequently appeared with the aim of facilitating the use and management of distributed resources. Nowadays, many Grid portals can be found. In addition, users can change from one Grid portal to another with only a click of a mouse. So, it is very important that users regularly return to the same Grid portal, since otherwise the Grid portal might disappear. However, the only mechanism that makes users return is high quality. Therefore, in this paper and with all the above considerations in mind, we have developed a Grid portal quality model from an existing portal quality model, namely, PQM. In addition, the model produced has been applied to two specific Grid portals.


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