Chin E. Lin, Chien-Liang Lin, Chih-Ching Li, Yin-Hua Zhou


This paper proposes a home appliance automation system in design and realization. This system is accomplished by embedded boards, radio frequency (RF) transceivers, microprocessors, switching circuits, sensor circuits and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) modules. This system mainly consists of two subsystems for home appliance control and home security monitor. In the home appliance control, we combine RF and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technologies for controlling home appliances, where RF is for home network and WAP is for remote interconnect to home network via mobile communication. For all security concern or emergency occasion, a SMS (short message service) may automatically be generated from the microprocessor and sent to assigned cell phone number. The proposed system would not only offer personal mobility and life convenience, and also provide home security for better living environment.


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