Ralf Wagner, Bernhard Mitschang


Middleware systems use adapters to integrate remote systems and to provide uniform access to them. Different middleware platforms use different adapter technologies, e.g. the J2EE platform uses J2EE connectors and federated database systems based on the SQL standard use SQL wrappers. However, a middleware platform cannot use adapters of a different middleware platform, e.g. a J2EE application server cannot use an SQL wrapper. Even if an SQL wrapper exists for a remote system that is to be integrated by a J2EE application server, a separate J2EE connector for that remote system has to be written. Tasks like that occur over and over again and require to invest additional resources where existing IT infrastructure should be reused. Therefore, we propose an approach that allows to reuse existing adapters. Reusing adapters is achieved by means of a virtualization tier that can handle adapters of different types and that provides uniform access to them. This enables middleware platforms to use each others adapters and thereby avoids the costly task of writing new adapters.


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