Lars Fredrik Høimyr Edvardsen, Ingeborg Torvik Sølvberg, Trond Aalberg, Hallvard Trætteberg


Giving search engines access to high quality document metadata is crucial for efficient document retrieval efforts on the Internet and on corporate Intranets. Presence of such metadata is currently sparsely present. This paper presents how the structural content of document files can be used for Automatic Metadata Generation (AMG) efforts, basing efforts directly on the documents’ content (code) and enabling effective usage of combinations of AMG algorithms for additional harvesting and extraction efforts. This enables usage of AMG efforts to generate high quality metadata in terms of syntax, semantics and pragmatics, from non-homogenous data sources in terms of visual characteristics and language of their intellectual content.


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Edvardsen L., Sølvberg I., Aalberg T. and Trætteberg H. (2009). USING THE STRUCTURAL CONTENT OF DOCUMENTS TO AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE QUALITY METADATA . In Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies - Volume 1: WEBIST, ISBN 978-989-8111-81-4, pages 354-363. DOI: 10.5220/0001841003540363

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