Saira Ashir Zeeshan, Yen Cheung, Helana Scheepers


In the last few years mobile-commerce (m-commerce) has evolved providing its users set of applications that provide greater communication and flexibility. As these m-commerce applications become popular, organizations are adopting them to provide these services to their customers. This paper explores the influencing factors involved in the adoption of m-commerce applications by organizations. The research question that is addressed in this paper is: What factors affect an organization’s decision to adopt m-commerce? In order to answer the research question a research model adapted from the framework presented by Wang and Cheung (2004) is proposed. The research model examines the influencing factors under three levels: organizational, environmental and managerial. A multiple case study approach is employed as a research method to validate the research model. Findings from this research enhance research in m-commerce as well as assist businesses to better plan their adoption of m-commerce applications.


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