Lars H. Wendt, André Stork, Arjan Kuijper, Dieter Fellner


In this work we introduce an approach for reconstructing digital 3D models from multiple perspective line drawings. One major goal is to keep the required user interaction simple and at a minimum, while making no constraints to the objects shape. Such a system provides a useful extension for digitalization of paper-based styling concepts, which today is still a time consuming process. In the presented method the line drawings are first decomposed in curves assembling a network of curves. In a second step, the positions for the endpoints of the curves are determined in 3D, using multiple sketches and a virtual camera model given by the user. Then the shapes of the 3D curves between the reconstructed 3D endpoints are inferred. This leads to a network of 3D curves, which can be used for first visual evaluations in 3D. During the whole process only little user interaction is needed, which only takes place in the pre- and post-processing phases. The approach has been applied on multiple sketches and it is shown that the approach creates plausible results within reasonable timing.


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