Boyan Bontchev, Dessislava Vassileva


In last twenty years, researchers have conducted intensive research in the area of principal models, software architectures and practical system development of adaptive e-learning platforms. Brains are fascinated by great opportunities for radical improvement of the teaching process by means of applying adaptability at different levels. There are two general issues of adaptive e-learning – enabling different educational content delivered to different individuals or groups and, as well, differently formed sequencing and presentation of that content delivery. This paper presents two approaches for creating and delivering training courses adaptable to learners with different learning styles. The first one is implemented within a platform for building edutainment (education plus entertainment) services called ADOPTA (ADaptive technOlogy-enhanced Platform for eduTAinment). By means of ADOPTA, e-learning courses can be created manually by an instructor as directed storyboard graphs. Another feasible approach is to generate them automatically on-the-fly by the adaptive engine. The article discusses advantages and drawbacks of these two approaches for adaptive e-learning course construction.


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