THE BEAUTY OF SIMPLICITY - Ubiquitous Microblogging in the Enterpise

Peter Gluchowski, Martin Böhringer


Microblogging has become a primary trend topic in the World Wide Web. Compared with the history of blogs, wikis and social networking services, its adoption in commercial enterprises seems to be the next logical step. However, in the case of enterprise microblogging there is not only the possibility of copying the public web’s functionality. In enterprise scenarios the mechanism of microblogging could have much more use cases than its public pendants, i.e., ‘tweeting’ processes, machines and software. We systematically develop a scenario for ubiquitous microblogging, which means a microblogging space including human and non-human information sources in an organisation. After presenting a conceptual description we discuss examples for the approach. Based on a comprehensive study of existing literature we finally present a detailed research agenda towards ubiquitous microblogging for enterprise information management.


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