D. Oviedo, M. C. Romero-Ternero, M. D. Hernández, A. Carrasco, F. Sivianes, J. I. Escudero


This paper presents a model to spread knowledge in multiagent-based control systems, where simplicity, scalability, flexibility and optimization of communications system are the main goals. This model not only implies some guidelines on how the communication among different agents in the system is carried out, but also defines the organization of the elements of the system. The proposed model is applied to a control system of a solar power plant, obtaining an architecture which optimizes agents for the problem. The agents in this system can cooperate and coordinate to achieve a global goal, encapsulate the hardware interfaces and make the control system easily adapt to different requirements through configuration. The model also includes an algorithm that adds new variables in the communication among agents and enables flow control knowledge in the system.


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