Andrea Delgado, Francisco Ruiz, Ignacio García-Rodríguez de Guzmán, Mario Piattini


To achieve the defined value for their businesses, current organizations need to manage their business processes in an integrated manner, interconnecting the software systems that support these processes. Over the last few years, new paradigms have appeared to respond to this and other organizational and software needs: Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) which are closely interconnected. Additionally, the Model-Driven Development (MDD) paradigm has been called upon to play an important role in supporting business process implementation by software services. BPM handles the management of business processes, including their modelling, deployment, execution, analysis and improvement. Service-Oriented Computing bases software development on services, which correspond to business concepts and are created in order to perform business processes. Model-Driven Development promotes software development based on models which enable, among other things, transformations and the automatic generation of code for different platforms. With the aim of establishing the bases for research into the integration of these paradigms to support business process management in organizations, a systematic review was carried out, focusing on the current state of the literature concerning the application of service-oriented and model-driven paradigms to business processes.


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