Bastien Amar, Hervé Leblanc, Bernard Coulette, Phillipe Dhaussy


With the advent of languages and tools dedicated to model-driven engineering (e.g., ATL, Kermeta, EMF), as well as reference metamodels (MOF, Ecore), model-driven development processes can be used more easily. These processes are based on a large range of closely inter-related models and transformation covering the whole software devolopment lifecycle. When a model is transformed, designers must re-implement the transformation choices for all the related models, which raises some inconsistency problems. To prevent this, we proposed trace transformation reuse to guide co-evolution of models. The contribution of this paper is a conceptual framework where repercussion transformation can be easily deployed. The maturity of a software engineering technology should be evaluated by the use of traceability practices.aceability practices.


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