Metamodels Matching: Issue, Techniques and Comparison

Lamine Lafi, Wajih Alouini, Slimane Hammoudi, Mohamed Mohsen Gammoudi


Research and practice for Model Driven Engineering (MDE) have significantly progressed over the last decade for dealing with the increase of complexity within systems during their development and maintenance processes by raising the level of abstraction using models as information storage. New significant approaches, mainly Model Driven Architecture (MDA) defined at the OMG (Object Management Group), “Software Factories” proposed by Microsoft and the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) from IBM, are born and have been experimented. As models grow in use for developing systems, transformation between models grow in importance. University and industry are seeking for effective and efficient ways to treat transformation as first-class assets in MDE. In order to produce new and more powerful transformations, we argue that the semi-automatic generation of transformation rules is an important challenge in future MDE development to make it easier, faster, and cost-reduced process. In this paper we propose to discuss metamodels matching as a key technique for a semi-automatic transformation process. We review, compare, and discuss the main approaches that have been proposed in the state of the art for metamodels matching.


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