Dieter Schuller


In Service-oriented Architectures, services can be composed in a loosely coupled manner to realize business processes. Thereby, mentioned services are not necessarily located only within the borders of the own en-terprise. In the Internet of Services, multiple service providers offer various services on several service mar-ketplaces. In case services with comparable functionalities but varying quality levels are available at different costs, service requesters can decide, which services from which service providers to select. My research focuses on this service-selection-problem for complex workflows by formulating a linear optimization prob-lem, which can be solved optimally using linear programming techniques. As the actual execution path is probably not known at planning time (e.g., for conditional braches), a worst-case, and an average-case anal-ysis is performed. In addition to considering non-functional, quantitative service properties, I am working in my research towards integrating qualitative service features (as, e.g., security) for different, complex workflow patterns.


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