Semantic High Level Querying in Sensor Networks

Ilaria Giordani, Daniele Toscani, Francesco Archetti, Mauro Cislaghi


The quick development and deployment of sensor technology within the general frame of the Internet of Things poses relevant opportunity and challenges. The sensor is not a pure data source, but an entity (Semantic Sensor Web) with associated metadata and it is a building block of a “worldwide distributed” real time database, to be processed through real-time queries. Important challenges are to achieve interoperability in connectivity and processing capabilities (queries) and to apply “intelligence” and processing capabilities as close as possible to the source of data. This paper presents the extension of a general architecture for data integration in which we add capabilities for processing of complex queries and discuss how they can be adapted to, and used by, an application in the Semantic Sensor Web, presenting a pilot study in environment and health domains.


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