B. H. Pawan Prasad, R. Aravind


In this paper, a robust method to estimate the head pose and facial actions in uncalibrated monocular video sequences is described. We do not assume the knowledge of the camera parameters unlike most other methods. The face is modelled in 3D using the Candide-3 face model. A simple graphical user interface is designed to initialize the tracking algorithm. Tracking of facial feature points is achieved using a novel SIFT-based point tracking algorithm. The head pose is estimated using the POSIT algorithm in a RANSAC framework. The animation parameter vector is computed in an optimization procedure. The proposed algorithm is tested on two standard data sets. The qualitative and quantitative analysis is similar to the analysis of competing methods reported in literature. Experimental results validates that, the proposed system accurately estimates the pose and the facial actions. The proposed system can also be used for facial expression classification and facial animation.


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