ROADGUARD - Highway Control and Management System

Salma Kammoun Jarraya, Adam Ghorbel, Ahmed Chaouachi, Mohamed Hammami


In this paper, we propose a new approach, called RoadGuard, for Highway Control and Management System. RoadGuard is based on counting and tracking moving vehicles robustly. Our system copes with some challenges related to such application processing steps like shadow, ghost and occlusion. A new algorithm is proposed to detect and remove cast shadow. The occlusion and ghost problems are resolved by the adopted tracking technique. A comparative study by quantitative evaluations shows that the proposed approach can detect vehicles robustly and accurately from highway videos recorded by a static camera which include several constraints. In fact, our system has the ability to control highway by detecting strange events that can happen like sudden stopped vehicles in roads, parked vehicles in emergency zones or even illegal conduct such going out from the road. Moreover, RoadGuard is capable to manage highways by saving information about date and time of overloaded roads.


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