D. A. Rodríguez-Silva, F. J. González-Castaño, L. Adkinson-Orellana, A. Fernández-Cordeiro, J. R. Troncoso-Pastoriza, D. González-Martínez


Cloud security comprises access control and end-to-end security based on flow or message-level privacy. In some applications, in which all processing takes place at the client side and the Cloud simply handles data storage (e.g. Google Docs), on-line data encryption/decryption guarantees privacy. However, when a service requires server processing (e.g. spreadsheets), privacy must necessarily rely on a dependable entity according to local regulations. Summing up, full Cloud privacy has not been achieved so far. In this paper we take a step towards that goal. We propose executing server side operations in the encrypted domain, so that both the operands and the results are opaque to the server, yet clear to the user. We evaluate this concept with a real Google Apps implementation of basic arithmetic operations.


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