Rasmus Paivarinta, Yrjo Raivio


Although the cloud computing paradigm has emerged in several ICT areas, the telecommunication sector is still mainly using dedicated computer units that are located in operators’ own premises. According to the general understanding, cloud technologies still cannot guarantee carrier grade service level. However, the situation is rapidly changing. First of all, the virtualization of computers eases the optimization of computing resources. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers a complete computation platform, where instances can be hosted locally, remotely or in a hybrid fashion. Secondly, NoSQL (Not only SQL) databases are widely used in the internet services, such as Amazon and Google, but they are not yet applied to telecom applications. This paper evaluates, whether cloud technologies can meet the carrier grade requirements. IaaS cloud computing platforms and HBase NoSQL database system are used for benchmarking. The main focus is on the performance measurements utilizing a well known home location register (HLR) benchmark tool. Initial measurements are made in private, public and hybrid clouds, while the main measurements are carried out in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The discussion section evaluates and compares the results with other similar research. Finally, the conclusions and proposals for the next research steps are given.


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