Dong-xiao Gu, Chang-yong Liang, Chun-rong Zuo, Isabelle Bichindaritz, Jun Wang, Wen-en Chen


Security assessment of Thermal Power Plants (TPP) is one of the important means to guarantee the safety of production in thermal power production enterprises. Modern information technology may play a more important role in TPP safety assessment. Essentially, the evaluation of power plant systems relies to a large extent on the knowledge and length of experience of the experts. Therefore in this domain Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is introduced for the security assessment of TPPs since this methodology models expertise through experience management. This paper provides a case-based approach for the management system security assessment decision making of TPPs (MSSATPP). A case matching method named CBR-Grey is introduced in which Delphi approach and Grey System theory are integrated. Based on this method, we implement a prototype of enterprise assessment information system (CBRSYS-TPP) for the panel of experts.


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