Feten Baccar Ben Amar, Bilel Gargouri, Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou


The present paper proposes a methodology for generating core domain ontology from LMF standardized dictionary (ISO-24613). It consists in deriving the ontological entities systematically from the explicit information, taking advantage of the LMF dictionary structure. Indeed, such finely-structured source incorporates multi-domain lexical knowledge of morphological, syntactic and semantic levels, lending itself to ontological interpretations. The basic feature of the proposed methodology lies in the proper building of ontologies. To this end, we have integrated a validation stage into the suggested process in order to maintain the coherence of the resulting formalized ontology core during this process. Furthermore, this methodology has been implemented in a rule-based system, whose high-performance is shown through an experiment carried out on the Arabic language. This choice is explained not only by the great deficiency of work on Arabic ontology building, but also by the availability within our research team of an LMF standardized Arabic dictionary.


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