Lúcia Morais Kinceler, Angelo Mendes Massignam, José Leomar Todesco


The importance of meteorological and hydrological data observation stations has grown substantially in recent years to meet the most diverse demands; ranging from environmental studies related to climate change and hydrological studies for water use, up to traditional monitoring work to prevent disasters through the use of forecast models of weather and water level control to contain the flow of rivers. The effort by governmental institutions, with support from the private sector expanded the network of observation stations in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. However, access to such data is still restricted to few technical people or to a group of users that access a web information system tailored for them. This paper presents the steps for developing a prototype of an ontology which serves to facilitate data access for web users not familiar with either specific concepts or the domain terminology. The goal for building the prototype is to understand the steps and implications using two complementary tools such as OntoKEM and Protégé for ontology construction.


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