Nour Alhouda Aboud, Eric Cariou, Eric Gouardères, Philippe Aniorté


Multiagent systems and component-based systems are two mature approaches; each one owns strengths and weaknesses points. Our goal is to integrate these two approaches by reaching a high level of connectivity between them to overcome their shortages. The concept of service plays a key role in their interoperability. Indeed, the relations between these three domains are manifold. From a service perspective, agents and components are considered as service providers or consumers while services can be seen as their functional abstractions. Therefore, the concept of service as the interaction point between agents and component is the base of our integration approach. We will define a specification process composed of several models. They are dedicated to specify an application through several aspects: abstract services, components, agents and mix of them. In this paper, we present a global view of this process and three of its models: service, agent and component ones.


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