Tilting Single Handheld Mobile Devices

Solange Karsenty, Avi Moraly


Gestures are becoming common across many devices, but still remain in the category of games and entertainment. In this paper we have explored the use of gestures on mobile devices, in particular the action of tilting on an iPhone. Our goal is to enhance the user experience and increase productivity, assuming, as it is often the case, that the user is using the device with a single hand. In this case, the hand holds the device and the thumb is used to scroll and select. Using the thumb for selection is error prone. Our goal is to reduce the use of the thumb for operations such as scrolling and selecting, by tilting the device to perform similar operations. We have implemented and tested a prototype application and in this paper we present our results. Our conclusion is that standardization of gestures is a basic need in software development kits for mobile devices.


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