Sergio Torres-Sánchez, Manuel García-Sánchez, Germán Arroyo, Nuria Medina-Medina, Rosana Montes-Soldado, Francisco Soler-Martínez, María M. Abad-Grau


Traditionally, genetic risk maps consider genotypic differences in a small number of single markers. However, a more recent approach considers a very large set of input variables some of them with very little effect and haplotypes with several consecutive markers instead of genotypes. While a bidimensional map can only show the first of the two approaches, a 3D map together with a powerful visualization tool of virtual reality may combine both approaches, so that the molecular biologist can get immerse and explore every genetic risk factor represented in the map. Maps enriched with information from different annotation sources may fully benefit of this 3D immersive feature.


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