Ferran Diego, Georgios Evangelidis, Joan Serrat


This paper addresses the problem of video surveillance by mobile cameras. We present a method that allows online change detection in night–time outdoor surveillance. Because of the camera movement, background frames are not available and must be ”localized“ in former sequences and registered with the current frames. To this end, we propose a Frame Localization And Registration (FLAR) approach that solves the problem efficiently. Frames of former sequences define a database which is queried by current frames in turn. To quickly retrieve nearest neighbors, database is indexed through a visual dictionary method based on the SURF descriptor. Furthermore, the frame localization is benefited by a temporal filter that exploits the temporal coherence of videos. Next, the recently proposed ECC alignment scheme is used to spatially register the synchronized frames. Finally, change detection methods apply to aligned frames in order to mark suspicious areas. Experiments with real night sequences recorded by in-vehicle cameras demonstrate the performance of the proposed method and verify its efficiency and effectiveness against other methods.


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