M. Soares dos Santos, Jorge A. F. Ferreira, A. Ramos, Ricardo Pascoal, Raul Morais dos Santos, Nuno M. Silva, José A. O. Simões, M. J. C. S. Reis, Camila N. Boeri, António Festas, Paulo M. Santos


Very few developments have been done to provide electric power supply of instrumented hip prosthesis. Actually, vibration-powered generators are the most appropriate mechanisms for this kind of application’s environment. This paper describes the first attempt to develop the concept of energy harvesting from multiple energy sources applied in the same hip implant. Exploiting the potential of the three angular movements over the femoral component, namely in the abduction-adduction, flexion-extension and inward-outward rotation axes, three inboard vibration-based mechanisms were developed in order to ensure electric power supply from multiple energy sources. A total of 53.7 μJ/s was harvested by a translation movement-based electromagnetic energy generator when a sinusoidal function with an amplitude of 40 mm and a frequency of 4 Hz was applied. A rotation movement-based electromagnetic energy generator has harvested 0.77 μJ/s when a sinusoidal function with an amplitude of 60º and a frequency of 2.5 Hz was used. The piezoelectric energy harvester has achieved 0.6 μJ/s with the application of a sinusoidal function with an amplitude of 200 N and a frequency of 4 Hz. Besides, its ability of being fully autonomous, operating without expiry and maintenance, while offering safety during its entire lifetime are relevant features. This paper should provide the basis for the development of smart hip prosthesis with the ability to fix the aseptic implant loosening problem.


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