Pedro Anacleto, Evin Gultepe, David H. Gracias, Paulo M. Mendes


The miniaturization of medical devices allows numerous new solutions in medicine including implantable devices that can diagnose, treat and monitor patients. Drug delivery systems have the potential to drastically change the drug administration and hence to improve their therapeutic efficiency. These devices can be fabricated by combining self-folding methods with the conventional multi-layer lithography. This combined lithography technique allows precise patterning of two dimensional (2D) templates that can transform into three dimensional (3D) structures with higher surface area to volume ratios. The same technique allows the incorporation of small antennas with devices and enabling wireless capabilities. An efficient wireless link between an external reader and the implanted device provides a remarkable advantage to both patients and caregivers including greater patient ease of movement, continuous data feeds, higher quality and reliability of data reporting. This paper proposes a system which is composed of a 500x500μm2 square loop antenna with 5GHz operating frequency, embedded on a SU-8 cubic container suitable for small implantable medical devices.


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