PicOS & VNETI - Enabling Real Life Layer-less WSN Applications

Nicholas M. Boers, Ioanis Nikolaidis, Pawel Gburzynski, Wlodek Olesinski


In the simple devices used for wireless sensor networks, the costs associated with a layered approach can be significant. Small-footprint operating systems have been developed by adopting non-traditional approaches to network abstractions while still aiming to simplify software development. In these approaches, some elements of modularity are valuable to retain, e.g., packet buffer management, which can be factored out of the layers and supported by a generic interface. In this paper, we describe the PicOS operating system with its versatile network interface (VNETI) and describe our experience using it. VNETI’s approach to the problem, where it acts as a mediator between (a) the application programming interface, (b) protocol plug-ins, and (c) a physical input/output module, allows for an effective component-based design with low overheads. With our essentially layer-less approach to networking, we have found it intuitive to incorporate even the simplest devices into nontrivial networks.


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