Ari Pirkola


The contributions of this paper are twofold. First, we present a new type of dictionary that is intended as a search assistance in topic-specific Web searching. The method to construct the dictionary is a general method that can be applied to any reasonable topic. The first implementation deals with climate change. The dictionary has the following new features compared to standard dictionaries and thesauri: (A) It contains real-text phrases (e.g. rising sea levels) in addition to the standard dictionary forms (sea-level rise). The phrases were extracted automatically from the pages dealing with climate change, and are thus known to appear in the pages discussing climate change issues when used as search terms. (B) Synonyms, i.e., different spelling, syntactic, and short form variants of the phrase are grouped together into the same entry (synonym set) using approximate string matching. (C) Each phrase is assigned an importance score (IS) which is calculated based on the frequencies of the phrase in relevant pages (i.e., pages on climate change) and non-relevant pages. Second, we investigate how effective the IS is for indicating the best phrase among synonymous phrases and for indicating effective phrases in general from the viewpoint of search results. The experimental results showed that the best phrases have higher ISs than the other phrases of a synonym set, and that the higher the IS is the better the search results are. This paper also describes the crawler used to fetch the source data for the climate change dictionary and discusses the benefits of using the dictionary in Web searching.


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