Proactive Monitoring of Moving Objects

Fábio da Costa Albuquerque, Ivanildo Barbosa, Marco Antonio Casanova, Marcelo Tílio Monteiro de Carvalho, Jose Antonio Macedo


Positioning systems, combined with inexpensive communication technologies, open interesting possibilities to implement real-time applications that monitor moving objects and that support decision making. This paper first discusses basic requirements for proactive real-time monitoring applications. Then, it proposes an architecture to deploy applications that monitor moving objects, are pro-active, explore trajectory semantics and are sensitive to environment dynamics. The central argument is that proactive monitoring based on process models, such as workflows, is a promising strategy to enhance applications that control moving objects. Finally, to validate the proposed architecture, the paper presents a prototype application to monitor a fleet of trucks. The application uses workflows to model truck trips and features a module to extract data from the Web which helps detect changes on road conditions.


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