A Mediator Architecture for Context-aware Composition in SOA

Hicham Baidouri, Hatim Hafiddi, Mahmoud Nassar, Abdelaziz Kriouile


The emergence of wireless technologies, intelligent mobile devices and service oriented architectures has enabled the development of the context-aware service oriented systems. This evolution has put the light on a challenging problem: how to dynamically compose services in SOA based systems to perform more complicated functionalities and provide richer user experience? As observed from the literature, several researches focus mainly on context-aware service design and modelling, but few studies have worked on the composition of this new kind of service to provide more complicated features. In this paper, we aim to present our proposal of adapting service composition by the integration of context during the composition process. This dynamic context-aware composition of services is realized through our Mediator Architecture for Context-Aware Composition (MACAC).


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