A Service-based Integration for an improved Product Lifecycle Management

Stefan Silcher, Max Dinkelmann, Jorge Minguez, Bernhard Mitschang


The continuously changing environment is nowadays a major challenge for companies. The tough competition, growing customization of products and environmental regulations forces companies to continuously adapt their business processes. In order to manage the complexity and reduce the effort for developing products and production, many IT systems are indispensable. Despite Product Lifecycle Management Technology (PLM) the growing heterogeneous IT landscapes lack of a continuous support for business processes and get quickly unmanageable. In this paper PLM technology is extended by a service-based integration approach. Therefore, a modular service-based architecture was developed which will be presented in detail. The architecture describes how the whole product life cycle can be integrated more efficiently. The characteristics and findings of our approach are presented as well as a first prototype covering the production planning.


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