SNMPFS - An SNMP Filesystem

Rui Pedro Lopes, Tiago Pedrosa, Luís Pires


The intensive operation of constantly growing, heterogeneous networks is a challenging task. Besides the increase in size and complexity, data networks have become a critical factor for the success of many organizations. During the last decade, many network management architectures where developed and standardized, aiming at the definition of an open environment to control and optimize its operation. Many of these architectures use specific protocols and specialized tools, to allow remote monitoring and configuration of network equipment and computational platforms. One of the best well known paradigms of human-computer interaction is the file concept and the associated file system. Files have been around since early days in the personal computer industry and users are perfectly comfortable associating the work produced in applications to be stored in medium. In this paper we propose a file system interface to network management information, allowing users to open, edit and visualize network and systems operation information.


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