Graph-based Campaign Amplification in Telecom Cloud

M. Saravanan, Sandeep Akhouri, Loganath Thamizharasu


Majority of telecom operators are making a transition from a monolithic, stove-pipe approach of creating services to a more flexible architecture that provides them agility to rapidly develop and deploy services. New revenue streams require an ability to rapidly identify and target dynamic shifts in traffic patterns and subscriber behaviour. As subscriber behaviour morphs with plans, promotions, devices, location and time, this presents challenges and opportunities for an operator to create and launch targeted campaigns. The enormous volume of data being generated requires a scalable platform for processing massive xDR (eg. Call Detail Records). This paper proposes graph databases in a telecom cloud environment for quickly identifying trends, isolating a targeted subscriber base and rapidly launching campaigns. We also highlight the limitations of a conventional relational database in terms of capturing complex relationships as compared to a NoSQL graph database and the benefits of automatic provisioning and deployment in the cloud environment.


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