About Creating Intelligence Systems in Ternary Logic

I. A. Bessmertny, S. V. Eliseev, A. V. Nevidimov


Rule based intelligent systems traditionally use binary or fuzzy logic. Binary logic by implications causes contradictions as far as the knowledge base grows, and the bottlenecks of fuzzy logic are fuzzification/defuzzification processes and computational complexity of inference. A common problem of all information systems is vulnerability to missing data that can yield wrong results. The paper shows the opportunity and expediency of creating intelligent systems with the rule-based model of knowledge in ternary logic basis operating with states “true, false, possible”. Intelligent systems based on ternary logic allow recognition of a contradiction by the presence in the knowledge base of both the fact and its negation. Inference from ternary rules not only derives facts by a query but also reveals what facts are missing for the goal be true. This feature could help to solve the problem of basic level facts that seem to be obvious for a person but are not presented in the knowledge base. The paper contains examples of Prolog rules for conversion of binary knowledge bases to ternary ones and some rules for manipulating with ternary facts.


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