Fuzzy Querying based Tool for Building Courses Evaluation Tests

Livia Borjas, Josué Ramírez, Rosseline Rodríguez, Leonid Tineo


In this paper, we present a tool intended for helping in exam configuration based on the reutilization of questions according to user preferences. It is a real life application of fuzzy querying that fulfils an actual need of academic personal at a high studies institution of Venezuela. This application uses the fuzzy querying language SQLf, on top of an existing relational DBMS by means a logic layer named SQLfi. Final users of our application are professors of any area without knowledge of fuzzy sets and databases. We use criteria for the test preparation that support fuzzy terms. These terms can be adjusted to user preferences. Graphic user interfaces are provided in order to perform such adjusts as well as exam configuration and any other fuzzy querying operation. We present here the Database Design, the process test construction and the management of preferences.


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