Model Driven Engineering for Science Gateways

David Manset, Richard McClatchey, Hervé Verjus


From n-Tier client/server applications, to more complex academic Grids, or even the most recent and promising industrial Clouds, the last decade has witnessed significant developments in distributed computing. In spite of this conceptual heterogeneity, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) seem to have emerged as the common underlying abstraction paradigm. Suitable access to data and applications resident in SOAs via so-called ‘Science Gateways’ has thus become a pressing need in various fields of science, in order to realize the benefits of Grid and Cloud infrastructures. In this context, authors have consolidated work from three complementary experiences in European projects, which have developed and deployed large-scale production quality infrastructures as Science Gateways to support research in breast cancer, paediatric diseases and neurodegenerative pathologies respectively. In analysing the requirements from these biomedical applications the authors were able to elaborate on commonly faced Grid development issues, while proposing an adaptable and extensible engineering framework for Science Gateways. This paper thus proposes the application of an architecture-centric Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) approach to service-oriented developments, making it possible to define Science Gateways that satisfy quality of service requirements, execution platform and distribution criteria at design time. An novel investigation is presented on the applicability of the resulting grid MDE (gMDE) to specific examples, and conclusions are drawn on the benefits of this approach and its possible application to other areas, in particular that of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI) interoperability.


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