New Algorithm for Analysis of Off-target Effects in siRNA Screens

Karol Kozak, Sandra Kaestner, Thomas Wild, Andreas Vonderheit, Benjamin Misselwitz, Ulrike Kutay, Gabor Csucs


The occurrence of RNAi side effects called “off-target effects” is still a challenging aspect in the interpretation of data from large-scale RNA interference screens. To reduce off-target effects, improved algorithms have been developed for small interfering RNA (siRNA) design, but also chemical modifications of double stranded RNA molecules were introduced by the various commercial providers. To aid the analysis of large-scale screens, we present a new algorithm and tool for the prediction of potential off-target effects that can be applied to RNAi experimental data. Our approach provides different possibilities to search for homologies between individual siRNAs of cellular mRNAs. We demonstrate our approach on a ribosomal RNAi screening dataset.


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