A New Method for Assessing the Exploratory Field of View (EFOV)

Enkelejda Tafaj, Sebastian Hempel, Martin Heister, Kathrin Aehling, Frank Schaeffel, Janko Dietzsch, Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Ulrich Schiefer


Intact visual functioning is a crucial prerequisite for driving safely. Visual function tests usually include the assessment of the visual acuity and binocular visual field. Based on these results, persons suffering from some types of visual field defects that affect the central 20 degree region are prohibited from driving, although they may have developed patterns of eye and head movements that allow them to compensate for their visual impairment. We propose a new method to assess the exploratory field of view (EFOV), i.e. the field of view of a subject when eye movements are allowed. With EFOV testing we aim at capturing the visual exploration capability of a subject and thus understand the real impact of visual field defects on activities of daily living and potential compensatory strategies.


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