Managing Data and Knowledge for the InmunoFlu Research Project

G. Lopez Campos, Enrique de Andres, R. Almansa, I. Martin-Loeches, V. Lopez-Alonso, J. F. Bermejo-Martin, F. Martin-Sanchez


The InmunoFlu project was funded during 2009-2011 by the Government of Spain (Biomedical Research Fund-FIS) for the study of the H1N1pdm influenza. It was an integrative project were clinicians from intensive care units (ICUs) across Spain came together with fundamental researchers to analyse at the molecular level the H1N1 infection. The multidisciplinary and geographical dispersion of the participants required the development of data and knowledge management tools. The InmunoFlu database was developed as a tool for the storage of all clinical data from patients associated with the ICUs and for the subsequent clinical annotation of the samples used in the molecular analysis of the infection and host response. The dispersion of participants in different centres fostered the development of InmunoFlu Web portal, a collaborative web portal using web 2.0 technologies, which served as a knowledge management tool for the project community. The web portal enabled among other characteristics document sharing as well as other collaborative tools such as chat, wiki, etc... The use of both tools played a central role in the success of this complex project.


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Lopez Campos G., de Andres E., Almansa R., Martin-Loeches I., Lopez-Alonso V., Bermejo-Martin J. and Martin-Sanchez F. (2013). Managing Data and Knowledge for the InmunoFlu Research Project . In Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics - Volume 1: HEALTHINF, (BIOSTEC 2013) ISBN 978-989-8565-37-2, pages 181-186. DOI: 10.5220/0004227701810186

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