Comparison of Two Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Methods for Potential Airport Location Selection

Sedat Belbag, Muhammet Deveci, Ahmet Serhat Uludag


Facility location selection is a very important multi criteria decision problem for many companies. As other strategic decisions, any failure in facility location selection has also irreversible consequences that affect the future of a company. Multi criteria decision methods (MCDM) are widely used in comparison related problems. These methodologies give more obvious and rational solutions in decision process. This study is proposed fuzzy TOPSIS and fuzzy ELECTRE I to overcome facility location selection problem. We combine fuzzy sets theory with two different multi criteria decision methods to eliminate the vagueness of linguistic factors that stem from the uncertain and imprecise assessment of decision-makers. The proposed methods have been applied to a facility location selection problem that determines a potential second airport in Ankara, Turkey.


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