The Package Server Location Problem

Arnaud Malapert, Jean-Charles Régin, Jean Parpaillon


In this paper, we introduce a new multi-objective optimization problem derived from a real-world application: the package server location problem. A number of package servers are to be located at nodes of a network. Demand for these package servers is located at each node, and a subset of nodes are to be chosen to locate one or more package servers. Each client is statically associated to a package server. The objective is to minimize the number of package servers while maximizing the efficiency and the reliability of the broadcast of packages to clients. These objectives are contradictory: the broadcast becomes more efficient as the number of servers increases. This problem is analyzed as a multi-objective optimization problem and a mathematical formulation is proposed. In addition, the criteria combination can be specified via a small dedicated language. Results for exact multi-objective solution approaches based on mixed integer linear programming are reported.


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