Optimizing QoS in Wireless Sensors Networks using a Caching Platform

Rémy Léone, Paolo Medagliani, Jérémie Leguay


This paper addresses monitoring and surveillance applications using Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs). In this context, several remote clients are interested in receiving the information collected by the nodes of a WSN. As WSN devices are most of the time constrained in energy and processing, we present a caching architecture that will help reducing unnecessary communications and adapting the network to application needs. Our aim here is to cache information in order to improve the overall network lifetime, while meeting requirements of external applications in terms information freshness. We first describe and evaluate the performance of our caching system using a Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)-HTTP proxy. We then extend this work by showing how the cache could be enriched and exploited using cross-layer data. Based on information from routing packets and estimations of nodes power consumption, we derive an optimization strategy which allows to either maximize the user satisfaction, expressed in terms of freshness of cached data, in the presence of constraints on network lifetime, or jointly maximize network lifetime and user satisfaction, obtaining a set of non-dominated Pareto optimal solutions.


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