Ex-vivo Platelet Activation using Electric Pulse Stimulation

Nicole LaPlante, V. Bogdan Neculaes, Brian D. Lee, Andrew S. Torres, Kenneth Conway, Steve Klopman, Antonio Caiafa


Activated platelet rich plasma (PRP), also known as platelet gel, is an encouraging autologous cell therapy with numerous applications in areas including: wound healing, haemostasis and wound infection control. Activation of PRP using electric pulse stimulation is a promising alternative to activation via biologics such as bovine thrombin. By removing the need for biologics, it is possible to deliver a cost-effective, fast, truly autologous platelet gel option. In this position paper, we describe parameters for effective ex-vivo release of several growth factors from human platelets in PRP using electric field pulses with the duration of hundreds of nanoseconds. Growth factor release levels with nanosecond pulse electric fields seem at the same level or higher compared to bovine thrombin, the standard platelet activator used in clinical practice. These findings suggest that electric pulse stimulation has the potential to become not only a viable alternative to biochemical platelet activators, but to actually enhance the desired in vivo biological effects, such as wound healing.


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LaPlante N., Bogdan Neculaes V., D. Lee B., S. Torres A., Conway K., Klopman S. and Caiafa A. (2013). Ex-vivo Platelet Activation using Electric Pulse Stimulation . In Proceedings of the International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices - Volume 1: BIODEVICES, (BIOSTEC 2013) ISBN 978-989-8565-34-1, pages 202-208. DOI: 10.5220/0004328602020208

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