Near Infrared Broadband Emission and Spectroscopic Properties of Tm3+/Nd3+ Codoped Optical Fiber

Lin Htein, Pramod R. Watekar, Weiwei Fan, Seongmin Ju, Bok Hyeon Kim, Won-Taek Han


The emission bands at 934, 1083, 1279, 1362, 1414 and 1720 nm were found to appear from the Tm3+/Nd3+ codoped optical fiber upon excitation at 633 nm. Near infrared emissions of Tm3+ at 1279, 1414 and 1720 nm confirmed a very efficient energy transfer (ET) between Tm3+ and Nd3+ ions. Since the emission band of Nd3+ at 1362 nm helped to bridge the wavelength gap between the emission peaks of Tm3+ at 1279 and 1414 nm, the ET process made the Tm3+/Nd3+ codoped fiber applicable in broadband fiber laser operating around 1215–1515 nm. Further, cross-sections for the respective bands, spectroscopic properties and nonlinear characteristics of the Tm3+/Nd3+ codoped fiber were investigated.


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