Spatio-temporal Video Retrieval by Animated Sketching

Steven Verstockt, Olivier Janssens, Sofie Van Hoecke, Rik Van de Walle


In order to improve content-based searching in digital video, this paper proposes a novel intuitive querying method based on animated sketching. By sketching two or more frames of the desired scene, users can intuitively find the video sequences they are looking for. To find the best match for the user input, the proposed algorithm generates the edge histogram descriptors of both the sketches’ static background and its moving foreground objects. Based on these spatial descriptors, the set of videos is queried a first time to find video sequences in which similar background and foreground objects appear. This spatial filtering already results in sequences with similar scene characteristics as the sketch. However, further temporal analysis is needed to find the sequences in which the specific action, i.e. the sketched animation, occurs. This is done by matching the motion descriptors of the motion history images of the sketch and the video sequences. The sequences with the highest match are returned to the user. Experiments on a heterogeneous set of videos demonstrate that the system allows more intuitive video retrieval and yields appropriate query results, which match the sketches.


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