An Efficient Method for Surface Registration

Tomislav Pribanic, Yago Diez, Sergio Fernandez, Joaquim Salvi


3D object data acquired from different viewpoints are usually expressed in different spatial coordinate systems where systems’ spatial relations are defined by Euclidean transformation parameters: three rotation angles and a translation vector. The computation of those Euclidean parameters is a task of surface registration. In a nutshell all registration methods revolve around two goals: first how to extract the most reliable features for correspondence search between views in order to come up with the set of candidate solutions, secondly how to quickly pinpoint the best, i.e. satisfying, solution. Occasionally some registration method expects also other data, e.g. normal vectors, to be provided besides 3D position data. However, no method assumed the possibility that part of Euclidean parameters could be reliably known in advance. Acknowledging technology advancements we argue that it become relatively convenient to include in 3D reconstruction system some inertial sensor which readily provides info about data orientation. Assuming that such data is provided, we demonstrate a simple, but yet time efficient and accurate registration method.


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